About Children's Glaucoma Foundation

 Dr. Helen Yeung, MD 

Dr. Helen Yeung, MD 

The Children's Glaucoma Foundation exists to support programs to benefit children affected by this important cause of childhood blindness. For the last 19 years, childhood glaucoma awareness, physician education, support of basic research programs and assistance to families in need have been supported.

The Children's Glaucoma Foundation was founded by concerned families of affected children and has been significantly supported by their work and dedication to its goals. The foundation's all-volunteer members have hosted several Galas to raise the funds critical to the foundation's mission. 

Childhood glaucoma is unusual and the cause of permanent blindness in an estimated 300,000 children worldwide. The goals of the Children's Glaucoma Foundation are to influence the quality of glaucoma care throughout the world through continued research, physician training and support, and assistance to affected families.


David S. Walton, M.D.

Dr. Walton is a clinical professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, and a surgeon in Ophthalmology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. He is recognized for his care of children with glaucoma.


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